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Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories

Healing Powers of Naidié Nezų

Melissa Daniels is an Indigenous female entrepreneur and owner of Naidié Nezų. Combining her education as a nurse and knowledge of traditional medicines, Melissa created Naidié Nezų-, a botanical-based business that extracts the healing powers of Indigenous plants. These products are created using traditional knowledge, blending natural, effective ingredients.


Naidié Nezų was created in Melissa’s home in late 2018. She grew Naidié Nezų slowly by gaining loyal local clients and by getting exposure with booths at summer farmers’ markets and Christmas craft sales. In 2020, a retail space was leased to accommodate the growing number of clients and for a consistent retail presence.


Then the pandemic hit. All non-essential retailers were forced to close. Melissa adjusted her business model quickly to an online store and hung on; barely. Not wanting to be burdened with more debt, Melissa resisted applying for any loans for as long as she could.


When facing ever increasing operating expenses due to COVID-19, dwindling supplies and inventory and little cash flow, Naidié Nezų received a large order that would have been difficult to fulfill. Melissa applied for, and was approved for a loan through her local Community Futures office, Thebacha Business Development Services.


The loan was the lifeline Melissa and Naidié Nezų needed. She was able to pay her operating expenses and replenish the ingredients necessary to continue manufacturing her product, and was able to hire an employee.


Melissa’s dedication to healing goes beyond beauty products. Naidié Nezų is committed to giving back to the Indigenous community and donates 10% of their proceeds to various land based initiatives.


Four short months later, Naidié Nezų was featured in Elle Canada magazine as one of 12 Indigenous beauty companies they recommend! 


We are very excited for Melissa and Naidié Nezų’s continued success.